Special Guest, talk show host & author Ken Coleman. Your host & guest have a backyard conversation about adoption, cigars & pipes, Indiana Jones, men that Ken has learned from, re-defining failure, the essential dad ability to ask questions & fathers being kinder to themselves.

Dads, in every conversation, answer these 3 questions:

1. Where do I recognize myself in the conversation?

2. What tools can I borrow from this dad?

3. What is one thing I can try this week?

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If you have a group or event discussing fatherhood, Dad Matters host David Wilkinson offers a presentation perfect for your gathering called "The Pursuit Formula". It's a simple tool that will help dads have a relevant, long-lasting & fun relationship with their kids. To set it up, just email us below. We'd also love to hear about your dad success stories of confidence & connection. Again, just email us below!